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About Our Company

Love, the most profound feeling in the world, is something we feel and see most often as flowing outwards, towards other bodies, beings, objects. 

But have you ever wondered why don't we feel love flowing inwards as passionately and deeply as flowing outwards?  Seldom do we find the same level of love, care, and passion for one's own self, flowing inwards, filling the self with a sense of comfort, confidence, joy.

At Skyntox, we believe love is a liberating, free-flowing emotion, that one needs to feel for oneself as much as we feel it for others. Firmly believing in the ideals of self-love, we seek to inspire that same passionate, truly, madly, deeply love for the self.

With our transformative skincare, we want to break the barriers, detox from the negative psychology built up around loving oneself, and rid ourselves of the mindset that love and beauty only exist outside us – make possible acceptance that it exists within us too. 

So, that's what we do here at Skyntox, we look for beauty that is true and pure, care that is nourishing and wholesome, free from toxicity and cruelty –  be it mindset or ingredients, and enable the best possible care for our habit – our skin. We pour our energies into looking for the most wholesome ingredients, and effective formulations, free from anything harmful or even remotely controversial, to curate the most revitalising skincare that enables confident, radiant glowing beings!

An integral part of our philosophy at Skyntox is therefore the idea of loving and nourishing care for one's self – skin and soul, illustrated in our logo in the shape of a bird – Blue Jay, symbolising grace, beauty, love, and trust,  the heavenly being, harbinger of love, always reminding us of the inner beauty and love that exists within us. 


Come, let's do the Skyntox, indulge in love and skin care with our regenerational beauty formulations brought to you from the best in the world!