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Answer: Filabé wipe should be used to remove makeup because it lightly exfoliates the skin and also delivers natural active ingredients to cleanse and treat the skin. This ensures that the skin is fully cleansed, more than any other method (even more than traditional makeup remover or micellar water methods), and also does not dry out skin during the cleansing.

Answer: The most effective acne treatments long term come from all-natural active ingredients, as these bring your sebum production into a natural balance, without the harsh side effects of chemical agents. One of these best results is seen from OM24(TM) with prickly pear cactus, as in the Filabé Irritated skin wipes. OM24(TM), a high-tech ingredient from the tea plant, reduces redness and irritation and prickly pear cactus has a lasting soothing effect on your skin. It is also important to cleanse your skin deeply and hydrate, as all the Filabé wipes do.

Answer: This is possible due to the unique patented design of the Filabé microfiber wipes. Not all the fibers of the wipe are covered with ingredients, so the free parts of the fiber can absorb dirt, makeup, and excess dead skin cells. And the other fibers deliver the active ingredients to the cleansed areas of the skin.

Answer: Filabé not only cleans and soothes your skin with active ingredients but also eliminates the oversupply of unnecessary substances (e.g. grease, oils, and the other ingredients in creams). Experience has shown that using Filabé daily will reactivate your skin's built-in resilience. This allows it to regain its natural balance.And you get a Glowing skin everyday.

Answer: For the initial result to become visible it takes around 1- 2 months. It totally depends on your age and skin condition. Use consistently for the best results.