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Answer: Ultrasun is an Advanced Swiss Suncare Brand that uses only trusted ingredients in their Sunscreens. With over 25 years of skin protection expertise, Ultrasun delivers unique and revolutionary formulations with the latest scientific advancements.

Answer: In India, you can buy Ultrasun sunscreens on the Skyntox website. Other platforms where you can buy Ultrasun sunscreens are Amazon & 1mg. B L Lifesciences is the sole distributor of Ultrasun In India and Skyntox is the official website owned by B L Lifesciences.

Answer: Ultrasun Sunscreens are so effective because they offer long-lasting protection from UVA, UVB, and Infrared rays and also provide Blue light protection(SPF 50 broad spectrum protection with PA++++). They are formulated with innovative technologies (lamellar structures, transparent gels and sprays, and pure mineral formulations). They are Number 1 in UK premium suncare and Number 2 in Swiss chemist stores. They are In harmony with nature and the environment and are in compliance with Hawaii & Palau sunscreen laws ( coral reef friendly).

Answer: You need to re-apply Ultrasun sunscreen after 7 hours. But If you are using them while swimming then you need to reapply if you are taking more than 3 dips in the water of 30 minutes each ( total 1 and a half hours)